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Who We Are

Kitchen Kingdom was launched because we saw a need for a company to not only provide a wide range of products at excellent prices but
to provide every customer with a personal level of service that can’t be found everywhere.

We want to make the process of purchasing something from us, smooth and easy from start to finish, providing advice, information and products that suit you.

We strive to ensure that all your needs are understood and met, so have a look around and get in touch if you have any questions.

Skylight and flat roof windows

For skylight windows, Kitchen Kingdom is here to service your every need.

Whether you’re building an extension, developing a new property, or re-designing an existing space, one of your key considerations will be windows.

At Kitchen Kingdom, we understand that you want more light in your surroundings – it can help us feel connected with nature, can improve our mood and increase our vitamin D levels, and can help to make a room feel bigger and more inviting. It can also save on energy bills with less requirement for electric lighting.

The solution?

To have a window installed in your roof or ceiling.
You may hear this go by a variety of different names from ‘skylight windows’ to ‘flat-roof windows’, ‘roof-lights’ to ‘flat-roof skylights’.

At KK Skylights & Balustrade, we have a wide collection of skylight windows for you to browse and shop, all of which will be perfect for your home or office.

But what is the difference between them all?

There’s no need to be confused – but if you are, you won’t be the first or last person to be wondering this same question.
The reality is that there are little differences between these terms, and all are popular ways of describing a very similar product which different manufacturers may give their own particular take on.

The aim for all types of ceiling windows – whether it is a skylight or rooflight – is to let in more natural light from above, rather than via the walls.
There are lots of different models available, from flat designs to raised windows, styles that open to fixed options. Often it comes down to aesthetic and functional preference, as well as what the room will be used for and the general size and accessibility.

Skylight Windows

Although we say that there are little differences between the two, we should perhaps point out that there are some nuances between the two types of windows. Typically, a skylight is a more bespoke glazed unit and much larger. These are often fitted on terraces or flat roofs – for example with glass box extensions. Our skylights can be installed on both flat and pitched roofs though, offering a great deal of aesthetic flexibility.

Flat Roof Windows

With roof windows, these are more ‘off-the-shelf’ in their design. They come in a range of specifications and sizes, but must always be CE-marked before being sold.

This means they will have endured rigorous testing conditions for safety and security. They must also be fitted in the same direction and in-plane as the surrounding roof. This is typically at least a minimum pitch of 15 degrees. Both options are sleek, stylish and unrivalled in the impact they can have on a room.
You can find lots of skylight inspiration on Pinterest here:

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Skylight Window Installation Guide

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